Rules and Regulations

In order to maintain a healthy and intellectual environment, children should adhere to the following rules in the Madrasa. Parents are requested to read the rules thoroughly and explain them to their wards. Please sign the rule page and return it to the respective class teacher.

  • Children are expected to reach at least 10 minutes before the classes begin.
  • All children should be in the proper Islamic dress code.
  • Shoes should be kept neatly in the shoe rack.
  • Children should perform WUDHU before coming to the Madrasa.
  • Children should be dressed neatly; nails should be clipped and clean.
  • For boys hair should be neatly cut, girls should cover their heads properly.
  • Punctuality and regular attendance of the Madrasa is very important.
  • All necessary stationary and books should be brought regularly.
  • Notes and homework should be completed on time.
  • In case of absence, parents should provide a note with proper explanation
    stating the reason. (Unauthorized absence may lead to disciplinary action)
  • Parents should ensure that the child is aware and capable of personal Hygiene, i.e. istinja.
  • During toilet breaks, children must wear flip-flops provided in the toilet. They should not go bare footed.
  • If you need to pick up your ward earlier than the scheduled time, a written note should be provided to the class teacher.
  • For other issues, the teacher should be approached only after class hours and should not be disturbed during class.
  • All fees and cost of books should be paid on time.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the Madrasa management will be final.

The Madrasa administration hopes that the rules mentioned above will be followed properly in order to maintain discipline in the premises.


  • To co operate with the madrasa to ensure the harmonius growth and develoment of their children.
  • To care that they are punctual, bringing books and stationery and participate in co curricular activities.
  • To ensure that their ward refrains from bringing cash, mobile Phone, valuable things and prohibited articles.
  • To be vigilant about their ward returning home immediately after the classes.
  • Not to send their children to Madrasa, when they are medically unfit until the disease ceases.
  • Madrasa does not take any responsibility for any accident that may occur or disease from any student while travelling to or from the Madrasa or at the Madrasa.
  • The Madrasa management reserves the right to admission to any child.
  • Suggestions made by parents in co operative and constructive spirit are always welcome and given due consideration.