About Indian Islahi Center

Indian Islahi Center Al Qusais was founded in the year 1995, under the aegis of IIC UAE. The purpose, was to provide a platform for Malayalee Muslim Community of Dubai, to impart religious understanding on the basis of Quran and the authentic traditions of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (saw).

Coming from a country which is famous for its Unity in diversity, it was of at most importance to educate the faithful and the people from other faith, the Islamic Message of Peace and Peaceful Co-existence.

However, there was still no sufficient institutions that helped school going children to learn religious tenets and help them grow spiritually and morally. Indian Islahi Center Al Qusais came up with the noble idea of establishing a well organized after school madrasa for school going children. For the purpose, the syllabus which was tested and tried in India for several years, was chosen.

As a result, by the grace of Allah The Most Merciful, Al Islah Madrasa came into being, with a strength of 25 students and 2 teachers. The madrasa was initially operated from an Apartment in Qusais. By the grace of Allah, and due to overwhelming response from the parents, the madrassa had to move to its current place.

The madrassa has at present a strength of 500 students . Today we have classes from KG to Grade 8, which is run by 12 teaching staffs and 7 non teachings staffs. The transportation is supported by 7 buses, that cover the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah.

The Syllabus is designed by Kerala Nadvatul Mujahedeen Educational Board, which has a history of a century in religious education and women’s education in Kerala.

The curriculum is designed with an intention of giving students a holistic growth of their well being. The madrasa conduct programs to identify Leadership Qualities and talents in Arts and Sports.

We at Al Islah Madrasa help our future generation to grow to be the leaders of future, and the parents are our partners in our aspirations.